1. Admission to classes, I to X will be done in March/April as per the availability of seats and based on merit. Special preference will be given to talented students in Sports and Games, Cultural and Literary activities. The school being a Catholic Institution, Catholic children are given special consideration.

2. For the information of the public, a vacancy chart will be displayed on the school Bulletin Board in the month of January/February.

3. Special attention must be paid while entering the name and date of birth of the child. Subsequent change in the date of birth or name will not be permitted.

4. Admission is finalized after due processing and payment of the prescribed fees, which once paid is not refundable.

5. The school DOES NOT COLLECT ANY DONATIONS whatsoever for admissions either directly or indirectly. Therefore, the management should not be blamed, if anyone collects donation with the promise of securing admission in the school. However, the management shall appreciate, if such specific cases are brought to their notice in WRITING, so that suitable action may be taken against the guilty.


A month’s notice is required for a student to withdraw from the school, failing which a month’s fee must be paid. Those who leave the school in the month of March must pay their fee for the months of April & May. Notice of leaving the school must be given before the beginning of the holidays or else fee for the first month of the following term will have to be paid i.e. June.