As per the instruction of the Government, there is a paradigm shift in the Education System. We at All Saints’ High School have adopted the CONTINUOUS COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION SYSTEM. The main aim of continuous comprehensive evaluation is to observe and record the child’s physical, social, emotional development before, during and after the teaching-learning process in the class room, laboratory, library and playground. Based on these records the child’s record is analysed and teaching-learning processes are changed systematically to bring in the all round development that would be termed as Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.

The Evaluation is carried out in two ways. They are 1.Formative Assessment 2.Summative Assessment. In an academic year the Formative Assessment is done four times and Summative Assessment twice.

1.Formative Assessment:

The Formative Assessment takes place during - the teaching-learning process, children working together with their peer group, children participating in activities, projects, explorations and all curricular and co-curricular activities. The following ‘Tools’ are used in Formative Assessments.

2.Summative Assessment:

Summative Evaluation is conducted through written examinations at the end of each term. Leave will not be granted for absence from school prior to an Assignment / Assessment.